How to keep that ‘I’ve just had a facial ‘ glow following a professional skin treatment

Whether you’ve had a Pro30 express treatment, or a full on Pro Power Peel, there’s something dramatically different about skin after a treatment that we’d all love to see for longer. Your skin is: Bright, Clear, Plump, Smooth and Hydrated. It all adds up to that ‘just had a facial’ look that we all long to maintain.

You can keep that level of skin health with just a few extra minutes each day and a great routine with your Dermalogica products.

The trick to smoother, resurfaced skin is exfoliation and most of us simple don’t do it enough. The result being bumpy, dull, flat looking skin that doesn’t retain moisture.

So here’s your action plan.
1. Step up use of Daily Microfoliant or Daily Superfoliant so that you are using it……..yes, you’ve guessed it, every day. Do this gradually over several weeks so that your skin can adjust to the increased activity.
2. Once a week, replace this with a more advanced exfoliator like Rapid Reveal Peel. This lipid-based exfoliant will leave your skin smooth and hydrated.
3. Replace your regular cleanser with Skin Resurfacing Cleanser up to three times a week. This advanced dual action exfoliating cleanser has Lactic Acid to retexturise the skin and helps accelerate skin cell turnover. Start using this at night just twice per week to start and your regular cleanser the rest of the time.
4. Make these changes gradually so that your skin gets used to each product and the higher levels of exfoliation.
5. The icing on the cake is to follow on with a treatment masque 2-3 times per week, to nourish and hydrate. My favourites to follow resurfacing are Skin Hydrating Masque and Multi-Vitamin Recovery Masque.

It really is that simple. We often have the products sitting on the bathroom shelf, forgotten and unloved. Get into a good routine and you’ll see dramatic results within a few days. It just takes a little effort.

PS. My top tip is to place your products out in a line in the correct order so that you get used to a daily routine easily. Before long you’ll be doing it with your eyes closed!

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