Skin care gets high tech

Over recent years there has been a dramatic increase in the amount of tech used in skin care treatments. With injectables and surgery becoming so widely used, it’s no wonder that skin products are more sophisticated and technology has evolved to work alongside these active products. So, let’s take a look at some of the latest devices being used in the treatment room.

Sonic Brush
Often used at the cleansing and exfoliating stage of a treatment, sonic brushes have the ability to clean the skin six times more efficiently than manual cleansing. Perfect for a congested skin, or where resurfacing is required. The silicon head is soft and gentle to prevent irritation, so it’s great for even sensitive skin. A lovely comfortable skin sensation.

Advanced Magnification
Magnifying lamps with LED light have long been a favourite of the skin therapist, but we now have head sets and hand held lamps that can zoom in on detail. Perfect for picking out deeper pigmentation and for the therapist performing extraction.

Ultrasonic Blade
This is a hand held gadget used to push active ingredients into the skin, such as Hyaluronic Acid and Retinol. Using the blade ensures serums and Actives get to where they are needed. The blade can also be used at the exfoliation stage of a treatment to enhance the effect of the exfoliation. There is a light buzzing noise and a gentle vibration which sounds a bit like a cat purring!

Intense Microcurrent (Nano)
This is used for muscle re-education as it stimulates the tiny muscles around the mouth, jawline and eyes and forehead. A great alternative to injectables or surgery. Tiny probes use microcurrent that are worked around the muscle groups to lift where the muscle may be sagging. A course is usually required for dramatic improvement.
The Nano can also be used for Desincrustation, a process that opens the pores to allow easier extraction and Iontophoresis, which aids product penetration.
There is definitely more of a tingling sensation with this gadget and if you have metal fillings, you can taste them during the treatment, but only temporarily.

LED Lamp
The advantages of using LED light at the end of a treatment are undeniable. The scientists at NASA discovered that LED has a positive effect on living organisms.
Red LED is used to stimulate fibroblast cells that in turn produce collagen (what’s not to love!).
Blue LED helps destroy the P. Acnes bacteria that is prevalent on a skin with breakouts. A combination of the two lights together helps calm an irritated and reddened skin. Ideal for Rosacea.
LED is applied at the end of a treatment whilst a clear masque is on, so that the light can penetrate at the same time.
There is no heat given off, so it’s great for even sensitive skins.

So there you have it, just some of the amazing tech available at just waiting to make your skin glow!

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