Skin survival during the Corona Virus lockdown of 2020

There once was a time when life was so busy that the chore of taking make-up off a night was a quick pass with a cleansing wipe and a smear of moisturiser. Well, if we have anything to be thankful for at the moment its ‘time’. Time to read a book, interact with our family, dig up those weeds and yes, spend time on our neglected skin. Whether you are a wash and go, kind of person or a full on skin health geek with a product for every occasion, there has never been a better time to re-evaluate your skin care routine and get into good habits.

Your first point of call is your regular Skin Therapist. The industry has been hard hit with closures and many will not open again, so supporting your favourite Therapist will ensure there is a business to go back to at the end of this crisis. Plus, Therapists are ‘people people’ so they love to hear from their clients.

Many are now offering free online consultations in order to maintain relationships with their clients.

At yourskinexpert we are offering a VIP Skin Consultation Service. It starts with an e-mailed detailed consultation form. Clients can upload a photo of their skin if they wish. Consultations are answered within 24 hours and followed up with a detailed Skin Fitness Plan with Dermalogica recommendations for home use and samples. All consultations are securely filed and completely confidential.

Once your new routine is in place, there’s really no excuse for resorting to the cleansing wipes ever again. Plus, they’re bad for the environment!

You can start your new skin care regime and achieve healthy, glowing skin by clicking here

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