My thoughts during the Corona Virus lockdown- we must support local small business

Phew! I’ve just finished a live broadcast with Dermalogica, sharing my experiences over the years as a Skin Therapist and how I’m adapting my business while in lockdown. It was a great session with so many questions coming at me from enthusiastic Skin Therapists, all hungry for knowledge. 

It got me thinking about the important role we, as Skin Therapists, play in our society and how we are often seen as frivolous and non-essential.

When businesses start to reopen, beauty and hair will undoubtedly be some of the last to be able to get going, with concerns about social distancing. Yet, what we are all craving in these difficult times is human contact. 

Skin Therapists get hands on with every client and know their skins intimately. We know how to deal with premature ageing or hyperpigmentation caused by our clients overexposure to sun (fortunately we’re all getting a lot of that at the moment!).

We are always on hand at 9pm on a Sunday evening, via text or messenger, to advise clients on a sudden catastrophic breakout! You don’t get that sort of service from your Dentist, Chiropodist or Physio. 
We are not just hands on, we are always there for our clients. Whether it’s lending a sympathetic ear to a family crisis or to celebrate the birth of a grandchild.

I guess what I’m saying is, please don’t forget us. In these difficult times, it’s easy to put your normal skincare routine to one side or just order from one of the skincare giants, often based in the Channel Islands, just to save a couple of pounds.

But if you don’t support your therapists now, with an order here and there, many will not survive this downtime and will not be there to answer your texts when things return to normal. 

I spoke to many Skin Therapists today, all desperate to keep their businesses going by reaching out to their customers in new ways. Please support your local Skin Therapist and Hairdresser and ensure we can all meet again and share our experiences.  

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