Sun protection


Make sun protection your new daily habit

We know we should do it, yet how many of us apply sun protection to our skin daily?
We are now spending more time than ever outside. The weather has been beautiful and most of us are taking daily exercise or spending time in the garden, but we don’t even think about sunscreen until it’s often too late.

Overexposure to UV leads to premature ageing with the breakdown of collagen and elastin, leading to sagging and wrinkles. Hyperpigmentation that makes the skin looked mottled and aged isn’t attractive and that’s just a cosmetic effect. Long term abuse can lead to skin cancers that can be fatal and it’s no surprise that more men die of skin cancer than women due to lack of daily sun protection.

To make it easy, pick a Dermalogica daily moisturiser with built in sunscreen. Choose from Prisma Protect SPF30 £55, for a lightweight cream with a naturally reflective glow, Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50 £64, with peptides to enhance collagen production or Pure Light SPF50 for unevenly pigment skin with ingredients to suppress excess melanin production.

If you suffer from prickly heat or have very sensitive skin, you should stick to a chemical-free (physical) sunscreens. These work by using natural minerals, like Titanuim Dioxide, that bounce harmful rays away from the skin. Chemical sunscreens neutralise harmful rays by absorbing them and turning them into heat, an absolute no-no for sensitive skin.

Invisible Physical Defense SPF30 £47 is chemical free and applied over your daily moisturiser. It’s soothing and mattifying and perfect for those with sensitivity.

If you love your regular moisturiser and don’t like the thought of adding another layer then simply mix in a pea size of Solar Defense Booster SPF50 £42. It’s lightweight formula means you don’t know you are wearing it.

At this time of year for the rest of the body I switch to Protection 50 Sport SPF50 £32 as my daytime body moisturiser. I ensure I cover my arms and shoulders and don’t get caught out on a long walk/bicycle ride or during an overzealous gardening session. It’s a fabulous body moisturiser with amazing protection that can be used on the face too, so this is also my go-to holiday sunscreen for face and body when I want to cut down on luggage.

So there you have it. Plenty of choices for all occasions with no excuse to get caught out and damage your skin.

Stay Safe, Stay Skin Safe.


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