Active Clay Cleanser

When I was first introduced to Dermalogica skin products it was a hallelujah moment. I’d been interested in skin care since my first Saturday job in a local chemist aged 13. The lotions and potions fascinated me and it was all I could do to not spend all my hard-earned cash on products each week.
As a Beauty Therapist in my late twenties, I knew what was right and wrong for my skin, but I’d still not found a range that I could truly say suited me. It was through a chance event, when I helped out a fellow therapist at her skin clinic, that I discovered Dermalogica. I knew instantly that this was a brand I was going to use on my skin and in my business and I’ve been using it ever since.
In those days, my skin was oily with occasional breakouts and my go-to cleanser was Dermal Clay Cleanser. It was cooling, deep cleansing and most importantly, oil absorbing. It formed part of the original tiny line-up of cleansers and moisturisers that Dermalogica introduced in the early 90’s and was a huge hit.
Roll on 30 years and Dermal Clay Cleanser has been replaced by Active Clay Cleanser.
Now, in my late 50’s, my skin craves moisture and my cleanser of choice is Intensive Moisture Cleanser, so when the new product was launched at the start of the COVID-19 lockdown, possibly with other worries on my mind, I was only vaguely interested in what it could offer.
With a 21 year-old son home from university, I popped the Active Clay Cleanser in his shower and thought no more about it until a couple of weeks later I noticed a real clarity in his skin and what’s more, how hydrated it looked. I asked him how he was finding the product and he said he really loved using it.
Now this is a boy that has been brought up on Dermalogica since birth. He was bathed in Essential Cleansing Solution to keep his skin moisturised and smothered in Barrier Repair whenever his skin was rashy or irritated. Now as a student, my biggest expense is keeping him well stocked with Dermalogica body wash, exfoliant, moisturiser, sunscreen and his latest product, Retinol Clearing Oil. A true metrosexual man!
But back to Active Clay Cleanser, it’s fair to say he loves it and so does his skin. He has a typical combination skin with fairly dry cheeks and an oily T Zone. It’s clearer, smooth, hydrated and the T Zone is under control. Seeing the results made me want to try it on my own skin and it was an eye opener.
Although it’s really a cleanser for normal to oily and breakout-prone skin, it doesn’t strip and leave the skin feeling tight. It has a refreshing citrus smell in a creamy formula. The Kaolin Clay absorbs excess oils and activated Bintochan charcoal helps purify the skin. Aloe and broccoli extract hydrate, leaving the skin smooth, calm and squeaky clean.
Even with drier skin, I still get the occasional breakout when we have prolonged spells of high temperatures and humidity so this cleanser has become a firm favourite during the lockdown heatwave.
I’m using it mostly early evening as part of my double cleansing routine and it’s kept the breakouts at bay. I’m sure during the colder months I won’t use it as much but for now it’s been a great addition to my skin care regimen and I thank Dermalogica for once again developing an amazing product.

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