An open letter to Boris Johnson

Dear Boris Johnson,

I am writing to you to request that you reconsider the full opening of Beauty Services in England, as they have been in Ireland, for nearly 2 months.

I completely understand your reasons for putting the brakes on easing lockdown and the need for local restrictions, but would like some answers as to why our sector is not being taken seriously and is in fact often ridiculed by some members of Parliament.

No other industry outside of professional care industries and the health sector has taken steps to be as Covid secure and mitigate the risks, than the Beauty Sector.
Our professional bodies have trained hundreds of thousands of Beauty Therapists during lockdown and the standards set go far beyond the Government’s own close-contact safety standards.

We work with one client at a time, sanitising all hard surfaces the client comes into contact with, using disposable or laundered sheets for every client. The clients are pre-screened 24 hours before an appointment with a Covid questionnaire and temperature is taken before they even step over the threshold. Contact tracing is already in place as we complete a full consultation for every client.

We wear masks the whole time the client is with us and in addition, a visor when performing close-contact treatments. Of course, hand sanitisation before and after every client is a given.

After each treatment, the whole area is sanitised including door handles, light switches and any toilet area they have been in contact with.

In contrast, the scenes in Manchester last night with people outside bars and restaurants showed no evidence of social distancing whatsoever and there is absolutely no way areas are sanitised as often or as thoroughly as in the Beauty industry.

It is deeply upsetting that you have taken the decision to allow pubs to open ahead of full service Beauty Salons and shows your Government’s total lack of respect and understanding of what we do. Maybe if we contributed large donations to the Conservative Party, as certain pub chains do, things would have been different?

My industry consists of mainly women providing employment and contributing £30 billion to the economy. I can tell you that we feel marginalised, invisible and disrespected.

Beauty Salons in Ireland successfully opened with a full service menu on 30th June without cause for concern. Please can you explain why this has not been the case in England and why we are considered less Covid secure than pubs and bars?

I understand you are considering closing pubs to allow schools to open in September. I would like to think that after reading this, you would re-evaluate the risks we present and see that we offer treatments in a controlled and safe setting. I believe we are infinitely safer than pubs and bars and deserve this consideration.

Please watch the short video below and see first hand how my business and the Beauty Industry is prepared and Covid safe and allow our sector to open.

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