On August 1st the Government yet again pushed Beauty Therapy businesses to the bottom of the pile and reversed the decision to allow us open with close-contact services, under the guise of not being Covid safe.

Yet we have consistently demonstrated we have protocols in place that go far beyond the Government’s own guidelines for close contact services.

Whilst male-centric businesses like barbers and pubs are allowed to trade unrestricted, Beauty Therapy services, used by mainly women are deemed non-essential and unsafe.

There is no evidence that shows beauty therapy services are in any way a higher risk than the businesses that are currently open.

The Governments attitude to an industry that contributes £30billion to the UK economy is sexist, discriminatory and shows a lack of understanding and an unwillingness to listen to our industry bodies who have been working tirelessly to get us open.

Beauty Therapy facial services are more than simply looking pretty. We see clients with real skin concerns  such as acne and hypersensitivity. We lend a sympathetic ear when clients have emotional problems. We are often an oasis of calm when someone is in a difficult domestic situation, yet we are not valued by the men in government in the way we deserve to be.

Please join our campaign #respectbeauty and insist the Government reviews our situation immediately and allows women in the beauty industry to work unrestricted, as they have been doing so in Ireland since June 30th.
We simply cannot continue operating with these restrictions. The financial implications are unsustainable and we believe we are more Covid safe than many businesses that have already been allowed to reopen.

Please support and share this campaign and help get Beauty Therapy back to work.

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